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This weekend most of the world will shut down for Christmas. Stores and offices will close, leaving only a few people on the roads.

What is mind boggling is that an event that happened over 2000 years ago can have such an impact on us today. We even date our calendar by this event.

What is so special about Christmas that we use this time to give one another gifts?

This Sunday we are going to look at three things that makes one particular gift above all others.
•Why is this gift so important?
•Why did God do it?
•What difference does this gift make to me?

Join us Sundays @ 10am at the Golden Corral on FM529 or on our Facebook Page for the live stream:

Sermon is being Streamed

With the destruction from Hurricane Harvey on the Houston area, it has become difficult to find a location to rent at the moment. In the mean time we are starting to meet at the Golden Corral on FM529 and streaming our Service on Sunday Morning at 10 am via our Facebook Page for the Church.

Come join us this Sunday morning as we start temporally meeting at Golden Corral at 10am. You are welcome to purchase something to drink or eat and come join us for our time around God’s Word. Come as you are and join us whether you buy something to eat or drink or not. It will probably be your first chance to eat breakfast and learn God’s Word at the same time!

If you have any questions, please give Pastor William a call and he would be glad to help you! He is also able to meet you someplace to talk as well.

Otherwise, please join us this Sunday on Facebook. NOTE that you can also see the previous Sermons on our Facebook Page for the Church.


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