Another Church starting in Katy? Who, What, Why?

Starting Point Church is in the beginning stages of its infancy! What makes us different? What makes us a Church you would want to be a part of?

Our Pastor, William Busch, and his family have already started two International Churches in Germany. He is now in the west Houston area starting his third international church. People from all nations have found a warm and loving place to worship God, having a real love that flows to those around them. Many have experienced coming to a church that is real, caring, and loving everyone equally, no matter what their background or country they come from.

Give Pastor William a call to meet somewhere to ask those questions that you want to have answered first before coming to join us! This is a no pressure meeting with him to casually talk over a cup of coffee or whatever to see if he is a real person who you can talk to.

Call him at: (832) 509-4008


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