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Second Street Baptist Church Hitchcock, TX (click name of church for map)
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Hitchcock, TX

To See My Purpose
Give Me Your Eyes - 2 of 3

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Part 2–At our new location and time:
This week we are asking God to give us His eyes to see my purpose.

It simply makes sense that if I am a Christian, then my purpose in life is going to change from what it was before I became a Christian. That means, that once I step across the line of faith and put my trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, my purpose will change!

We will be looking at the common purpose that we all share together with every believer. What is our mission?…

Join us this Sunday at 11am as we look at what God teaches us on seeing my purpose in His vision for the Church.


NEW TIME: Join us at 11am at Second Street Baptist Church in Hitchcock, TX (click name of church for map).
NOTE: Streaming should start about 11:20 - after we finish singing praises.

Sermon is being Streamed (starts about 20 minutes after service time)
With the new location, the streaming may be unsure for the next few weeks, but we are working on it.

Sunday morning at 10:30 for coffee and donuts and service starts at 11am. Come join us.

If you have any questions, please give Pastor William a call and he would be glad to help you! He is also able to meet you someplace to talk as well.

Otherwise, please join us this Sunday on Facebook. NOTE that you can also see the previous Sermons on our Facebook Page for the Church.


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